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Universal accessibility, research and innovation


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Out of the innovative idiosyncrasy of PMMT emerges the Clear Code method, an exclusive and differential approach that defines the personality of the company.

PMMT developed the method Clear Code in the context of research and innovation in hospital architecture and health environments. It is the first universal accessibility method, which guarantees equality for everybody using the physical environment. It is a differential and exclusive creation of PMMT.

From research to development: immersion in a project as a key to define its shape.

When we face any project, one of our goals is to understand each of the details that make it special. In this sense, immersion work in the Clear Code PMMT method was fascinating as well as complex. As a result, we developed a logo and the brand’s architecture, the company’s handbook, and corporate material. We also worked on a series of pictograms, the animation for the webpage, and a medal that recognizes universal accessibility.

A relevant method and a project up to its relevance.


Putting people at the heart of a big company’s work and research.

Friendly materials® is an analytic method to evaluate and compare objectively how different construction materials affect the health of interiors and, consequently, the health of its inhabitants. It is, no doubt, a method that defines the innovative spirit of PMMT and the central role that people play in its work.

The importance of Friendly Materials was reflected in the importance that was given to the process of development of its branding.

That Friendly materials® is an exclusive and representative method of PMMT’s identity needed to be seen in the development of branding pieces and brand architecture. The studio worked on the logo, corporate material, pictograms, and animations for the webpage as well as the accreditation medal.