Forward Thinking Healthcare Architecture


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Healthcare architecture, a concept that encompasses several challenges and manifold professionals.

PMMT is a company that specializes in designing and building sustainable and quality healthcare environments. More than just “buildings”: functional, efficient, and advanced systems. This is healthcare architecture with a humane approach, where people are always at the core.
The company is undergoing a transformation process: from a studio with two architects to a company with a big team, where research has a very relevant role.

As the positioning changes, the conceptual and visual identity of the brand also changes.

As a consequence of this changing process, a new identity was developed, which is coherent with the brand values but gives the brand a new breath of fresh air, elegance, and creativity.  Thus, there was a change in the name, using the initials instead of the full names of the partners, which gives more importance to the teams. Furthermore, we also worked on structuring the different research fields of the company, aiming to create a versatile and polyvalent visual and conceptual brand identity.

Signage for a space of universal accessibility

Based on the work done in the corporate catalog, the brand’s guidelines are defined, and the signage and labeling of its workspace is developed.

PMMT offices are designed as a space of universal accessibility, following its own Clear Code®, method, which guarantees the equality of all people in access to and use of the physical environment.