Centre d’Osteopatia i Teràpies Globals

A representative imagery


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Osteopathy is a healing process based on a holistic vision of the human body, understanding it as a unity. With this in mind, osteopathic treatment aims at a recovery of the organic balance, instead of at reducing the pain in focal points.  The Osteopathy and global therapy center (COTG) works with these principles, with osteopathic therapies and other complementary therapies.

The body, as a tree; the tree, as inspiration for the brand identity.

The base concept for the visual identity, corporative image, and web design of COTG is one of the principles of osteopathy as a discipline: people are like trees. In this metaphor, the trunk is the center, through which every nerve goes, and every leave replicates the same idea. The visual and conceptual brand imagery stems from this idea. Imagery that represents the medical discipline that is practiced in COTG.