Gorka Marcuerquiaga | Origami

Two brands and a coherent oneness


  • Branding
  • Editorial
Gorka Marcuerquiaga, architect and industrial designer, launched in 2012 his first furniture collection: Origami.

Origami was the first furniture collection of the Barcelona-based architect Gorka Marcuerquiaga, a good proof of his interdisciplinary vocation. Origami was conceived as a game in which every piece is formed by folding thin black steel sheets.

The author and the collection: two brand and a coherent oneness with a strong personality.

The visual identity that we created for Gorka Marcuerquiaga’s brand plays with the sound of his name and with the union of name and surname. Thus, changing a few letters, we turn it into a strong brand name, with a big personality and a lot of intensity. The visual idea behind Origami’s logo was inspired by folds and creases. The result balances, just like the furniture collection, between the lightness of the typographic shapes and the weight of such a long name. To conclude the project, we created an editorial piece that showcases the furniture collection.