Ca l’Anita

Ludic unorthodox signage


  • Branding
  • Signage
Past, present, and future live together in an iconic building of Roses, in the Costa Brava, that hosts a social center.

A social center is a meeting point for all sorts of people who live together in a society. This place is open to everybody and hence, it needs to make everybody feel welcome to come in and move around freely. Ca l’Anita is also a building that builds bridges to its past through the conservation of its name and of the old floor, that has been attached to the wall in the entry.

Showing friendliness, inviting people to come in, and facilitating mobility.

This project was done with two goals in mind: inviting people to come in and facilitating mobility.

Thus, our proposal was at the limit of orthodoxy when it comes to signage, with ludic and fun graphics and big scale illustrated pictograms which, at the same time, incorporate texts that are big enough and that are placed at optimal height for reading.