La Suda

Exhibition graphic at Castell del Rei


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A collaborative project and an exhibition to reopen La Suda (King’s Castle) in Lleida

To reopen Castell del Rei/La Suda (Lleida) after decades of being closed to members of the general public, an exhibition was held in 2010 in the only room that is in good enough condition. The way the exhibition was assembled had to allow the use of this room for other activities as well but needed to be done with minimal use of resources that had to be as easy as possible to renew or replace.

A simple proposal that illustrates the explanations of an old but beautiful history.

Three big lamps that hang from the ceiling were at the center of our idea. A screen envelopes the areas and creates rooms that contains all of the exhibition material. In this case, our work consisted of developing the graphic side of the panels under the lamps.

The visitors step into each room, where a given aspect of the content is told. At the same time, a pulley system makes it possible to elevate manually each lamp, in case the room needs to be used for anything else. Furthermore, at the end of the room, there is a projection on the rocks of the walls, which complements the exhibition with images that are evocative of the main content.

This project was done in collaboration with La Petita Dimensió.

It was chosen for the FAD 2011 prize.