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A quality catering service in sweet cuisine and patisserie for restaurants.

Talking about excellence is easy, but it sets a very high bar. This is the level of exigence that applies to Mandarina Republic sweet catering sweet catering products. And thus, they transmit quality, modernity, and differentiation; yes, another quality that one should only talk about if there are facts that prove it.

The brand: a republic of its own, with excellence as a rule and law.

We started with the idea in the name, a country that is ruled with its own laws, and we created the Sweet Republic. We reinforced this idea with vexillological iconography such as the star and the strip. The logo combines a serif typography, which transmits elegance and tradition, and a sans serif typography, which transmits modernity and strength. The branding grows with pictures of faces that show the emotions that tasting the product generate. The excellence of the product is reflected on the people, as well as on every branding piece, the catalogue and the website.