AMPA Salvador Espriu

An emotional brand


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Family support, communication, school coexistence, collaboration, and plurality; the values of an emotional brand.

Parents associations are a fundamental part of the DNA of Spanish schools and play an essential role in their activities. This is particularly important in some schools, such as in Salvador Espriu school in the Catalan city of Granollers.

Can a logo show emotions? Can it use the universal language of emotional expressions?

When the AMPA de l’Escola Salvador Espriu commissioned us with creating a logo that transmits their values in an empathetic way, we established emotions as a starting point.

A minimal graphic expression can project a great way

We created a logo based on expressions and made of typographic elements that portrait those emotions and moods that parents, in the education of their kids, and children, in their everyday life, feel. It is hence a malleable logo that projects a great way with minimal design.

We also generated graphic communication materials where different versions of the logo appear and coexist, giving rhythm and coherence to the identity of the association.