A more humane and closer brand


  • Branding
  • Signage
An actualization and a global transformation process.

We are used to thinking of pharma companies with cold, strong, and dehumanized imagery. For this reason, when Peróxidos Farmacéuticos S.A. asked us to engage in the process of bringing the brand closer to the customers, making it more present and familiar, we started a process of humanization of the brand.

Humanizing means putting people in the center: in the logo as well as in physical space.

The way to humanizing the brand is a global process that includes elements of branding and physical spaces. At first, we worked on the new naming: Peroxfarma. We developed the design of a kind typography, with round edges, and of a logo. Afterward, we developed all the basic identity elements: stationery items, webpage, and more.

Beyond signage, we created a welcoming space, coherent with the brand identity

The project went on to propose new looks for the offices and developing the signage, with special attention to natural light and wood.

The areas were harmonized, going beyond simple signage, making nerve points out of the common workspaces, where synergies happen. We hope that all the workers of Peroxfarma will feel welcome here, that they will feel at home.