Redesign of the photoprotection product range


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  • Branding
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  • Digital
When the work to renovate a product range becomes a project with an own identity but coherent with the mother brand.

Within the global rebranding and communication project of Mussvital, specific work for each product range was done. In this sense, photoprotection is one of its most important product ranges. This happened in a moment of change when a completely new and different design was necessary in order to reach a new and superior target.

A change of target implies a different and specific design: the way to an affordable and high-quality line.

In order to address a goal audience with an upper-middle level in the national and international market and in order to give credibility to the brand, we work on general branding, based on the concept of scientific rigor. Thus, a product and its graphic design are developed with a clean and functional aesthetic. The curves of the new logo contrast with the straight edges of the packaging and, consequently, it all together transmits proximity, calm, and security.


Industrial design: A. Guiu & I. Remiro al GR Industrial Design.