Centre Cívic Baró de Viver

Using anamorphic perspective


  • Signage

Centre Cívic Baró de Viver in Barcelona: more than cultural facilities, a trigger for change in the neighborhood and the city.

Baró de Viver is a civic center and senior citizen community center. In its facilities, proximity services are provided to the Baró de Viver neighborhood and the city of Barcelona; citizen participation is promoted and a variety of activities is offered.

This civic center breaks with the stereotype of Baró de Viver being a quarter lacking cohesion. Thus, it attracts cultural activities often associated with areas that are closer to the city center.

Using anamorphic perspective in the signage system reinforces the idea of dynamic and living facilities with a unique viewpoint.

Our main challenge was reflecting on the signage the change in the neighborhood that the new facilities operated.

The solution that we found plays on perspective, making the text easy to read from a specific viewpoint. Thus, the facilities are full of design, design becomes an element of dialog with the visitor and the building acquires a strong and unique personality.